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MTJ SPORTS® and MTJ TENNIS™ stands for the New Generation Acrylic Tennis Court Systems manufactured by Laykold and SportMaster - leaders in the tennis court surfacsing industry with new innovation in desgn and technology of high performance tennis and sport surfacing systems for longer surface life in environmentally Eco Friendly materials.


We supply Non-Cushioned, Semi-Cushioned and Full Cushioned Tennis Court Surfaces for every type tennis court project from full overaly, complete crack elimination and reconstruction of commercial, municipal, public, private and residential tennis courts - indoor and outdoor - asphalt and concrete base. We have multiple service locations thoughout the U.S., including full service centers in Illinois and South Carolina for 15 States in the Midwest and South East regions of Unites States. 


Our Acrylic Tennis Surfaces come with full manufacturers warranty up to five (5) years on the premium coatings with complete waterproof cushioned and semi-cushioned systems with up to to thirty (30) years new life expectancy.                                  

Our Lineup of Laykold Premium Color Coatings:

  • NEW LAYKOLD MASTERS Tennis Court Systems with Full 5 Year Warranty

  • LAKOLD ADVANTAGE and COLORCOAT Tennis Court Surface Systems

  • LAYKOLD COLORFLEX Flexible Tennis Court Surface Systems for Extended Life

  • LAYKOLD CUSHIONPLUS Court Surface Systems for Added Comfort and Waterproof Seals

  • LAYKOLD NUSURF Flexible Resurfacing System

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We offer:

  • Complete Repair & Resurface of existing tennis courts

  • New Tennis Court Construction Subcontract Services

  • Surface Upgrades to new Tennis Court Systems with extended life 

  • Full Line of                                          from Center Court Lighting & Techlight

  • Premium Tennis Net/Posts, Equipment and Windscreens   

  • Armor Crack Repair System click here   

Our Tennis Court Acrylic Surfaces are:

  • ITF Rated Systems

  • 100% Environmentally Friendly

  • Fade and Wear Resistance

  • Glare-Free

  • Guaranteed Durability

  • Outstanding Force Reduction

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified

  • For More Information on Laykold® Systems click here:


MTJ SPORTS® and MTJ TENNIS™ has many years of experience will help you choose the right court for you. We promote only ITF and USTA approved Tennis Surfaces with superior warranty through our certified manufacturing partners at lowest price point.  Our Acrylic Tennis Court Surfaces are played on by every level of recreational tennis players to top amateaur, collegiate and professionals at ATP and WTA events around the world.  


MTJ SPORTS® and MTJ TENNIS™ will service every type of tennis facility from Commercial Courts in Country Clubs, Racquet Centers, College and Universities, Hotel & Resorts, Parks and Recreation Courts, High Schools and Sports Centers. MTJ SPORTS® and MTJ TENNIS™ will help you choose the Tennis Court Surface that is right for you.

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ProProXtreme Court by NGI Sports
APT Laykold Premium Tennis Surfaces
ProProXtreme Court by NGI Sports
Springfield Illinois Tennis Court Resurfacing

Premium ADVANTAGE and COLORCOAT Acrylic Coating System 


  • Wear-Resistant, 100% Acrylic Emulsion System

  • High Quality Pigments and Polymers

  • Rich, Long Lasting, High UV Resistant Colors.

  • Free of Asbestos, Lead and Mercury

  • Applies on indoor and outdoor courts.

  • Textured and Finish Coats.

  • Available in 12 Standard Colors and Custom Colors

  • Download Product Information below

Normal Illinois Tennis Court Resurfacing
CUSHION PLUS Premium Acrylic Surface

New Generation CUSHIONPLUS Acrylic Coating System


  • ​Provides 50%+ Greater Force Reduction

  • Superior Cohesive Strength

  • Easier to Apply than other 'outdated' acrylic systems

  • Available in three (3) Comfort Levels: Standard, Xtreme, and Supreme

  • Available in 12 Standard Colors

  • Custom Colors available

  • Download Product Information below

Decatur Illinois Tennis Court Resurfacing
COLOR FLEX Flexible Acrylic Systems

A Premium Flexible COLORFLEX Acrylic Coating System


  • Highly Flexible (250% Greater Flexibility than standard acrylic coatings)

  • High Wear-Resistant 100% Acrylic Emulsion System

  • Ideal for Cuhioned and Slip-Sheet Surfaces

  • Easier to apply then other 'Outdated' multi-layer acrylics

  • Use with proprietary Crack Repair Methods

  • Higher End Surface System

  • Available in 12 Standard Colors and Custom Colors

  • Download Product Information below

Joliet Illinois Tennis Court Resurfacing
LAYKOLD MASTERS Cushioned Court Systems

New LAYKOLD MASTERS™ Cushioned Court Systems eith 5 Year Factory Warranty. Extend your tennis court life another 30+ years:


  • LM Premium Acrylic Surface Systems

  • LM 5 & 8 Cushioned Court Systems

  • LM FLOAT Tennis Surface System

  • LM 8 INDOOR Tennis Court System

  • LM Montreal and Rome Olympic Tournament Tennis Courts

  • For More Information See LAYKOLD MASTERS Page

Laykold Surface Portfolio
Laykold Specifications & TDS's

We are capable of re-surface solutions for the toughest Tennis Court jobs without tearing out courts that other contractors call 'impossible'. We bring 25+ years new life to old courts with our tennis court products and world class team knowledge.


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Omnicourt Tennis Surface
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ProProXtreme Court by NGI Sports
ProProXtreme Court by NGI Sports
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