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Backyard Courts & Sports

Backyard Sports are designed for Family Fun, Healthier Lifestyle, Sports Skill Training and much more...  Custom Basketball and Multi-Game Courts, Residential Tennis Courts, Custom Golf Greens all with Full Turnkey Services.

MTJ SPORTS® has over 25 years of design and full turnkey installation experience in Backyard Game Courts.  We offer consulting to our clients on design and products best suitable for your budget and backyard size.

MTJ SPORTS also offer a full portfolio of products and surfaces including all-weather outdoor surface with cushioned comfort, designed to play on all year with superior weather resistance.

We educate our customers on Installation options with one goal in mind - to make the process for a new Backyard Court as simple as it should be.  Regardless of court size and desired sports from Basketball Courts, Pickleball Courts, Tennis Courts, Multi-Game Courts, Volleyball Courts, Shuffleboard and more.

We Build It and You Play on It.

​We offer our clients a Complete Residential Court Systems with Concrete Base Work, Basketball Goals and Court Components - Ball Containment (Soft Fence and Chain Link Fence), Multi-Sports Net Systems, Rebounder Systems, and Court Lighting ​

With the MTJ SPORTS® deep experience, we will assist you with design and choosing the right court type, size and finish for your backyard space and needs.

All our Backyard Courts are offered with full or partial Turnkey Services. We have a network of sub-contractors that will provide services for asphalt, concrete and chain link fence work to support our work.

As proud member of American Sports Builders Association, we offer consult, design and supply products and installation services from start to finish.


Contact us Today at 800-789-1319 for a Backyard Court Proposal


Backyard Pickleball Courts 

  • Cushioned or Non-Cushioned Hard Courts

  • 20+ Standard Court Colors plus Custom Colors

  • Chain Link Fence

  • New PICKLEGLASS Surround Enclosure

  • Portable and In-Ground Pickleball Net Systems

  • Outdoor Basketball Goals - Adjustable and
    Fixed Height premium glass backboards w/ complete padding sets and lifetime warranties.

  • Premium LED Court Lighting 

Backyard Multi-Game Courts

Multi-game courts are growing in popularity in backyard sports and recreation for families of all ages. Imagine playing up to 12 different sports on one (1) court. Great place for a workout or simply just having fun.

  • Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Paddle Tennis, Pickleball, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Shuffleboard, Hopscotch, Foursquare and more...

  • ​Acrylic Hard Court Surface Systems

  • ProXtreme™ Cushioned Court Surfaces.

  • 20+ Court Colors and Custom Colors

  • Full Turnkey Installation Services

Residential Tennis Court Construction

Backyard Tennis Courts come in both custom and standard court sizes. We offer new tennis court construction and resurfacing systems for every residential customer needs.

  • ProXtreme Acrylic Cushioned Courts

  • ProCourt XP™ Synthetic Grass Courts

  • Aussie Synthetic Clay Courts 

  • Douglas and Edwards Tennis Posts and Net Systems

  • Vinyl Coated Chainlink Fence Systems. Optional Windscreens

  • Premium LED Tennis Court Lighting Systems

  • Professional Court Building and Resurfacing Services

  • MTJ SPORTS® is a proud member of USTA and American Sports Builders Association (ASBA)

Backyard Signature Golf Greens

Home owners have developed a passion for backyard golf.  MTJ SPORTS® and its owner has a long background in golf. That's why we also offer design and build services for Synthetic Backyard Golf Greens.

  • Custom Design Synthetic Putting Greens

  • Professional design team for any custom size and shape

  • Signature Golf Greens - Your favorite golf hole right in your backyard

  • Great place to practice your game and entertain family and friends

  • Variable speed on greens for every level of players

  • Construction and installation by certified golf green builders

  • MTJ GOLF™ works with a design and build team of former collegiate and current professional tour players and gof course architects.

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