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Gymnasium Equipment

Complete line of Arena and Gymnasium Equipment. Full installation Services!

MTJ SPORTS® is an authorized dealer and installer of Gared Sports Equipment. We offer the finest quality and latest technology Gymnasium Equipment for Schools and Universities, Sports and Fitness Centers, Parks & Recreation Facilities, YMCA's, Home Gyms, and more. Our lineup of gymnasium equipment and systems is impressive.

Authorized Dealer and Installer

  • Ceiling Mount Backstops

  • Portable Basketball Goals

  • Wall Mount Basketball Goals

  • Backboards and Rims for any Retrofits and Upgrades

  • Volleyball Systems - Floor Mounts, Portable and Ceiling Mounts

  • Divider Curtains - Walk-Draw to Fold-Up

  • Batting Cages - Ceiling Suspended to Portable and Permanent

  • Scoreboards - Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Wrestling and more...

  • Wall Padding - Corner Padding and Column Padding - Up to 25 Color Choices

  • Gym Accessories

SAFETY is always a priority in all Gymnasium environments. Faulty and worn out Gym Equipment will lead to unexpected equipment failures, costly downtown times and repairs, and in some cases, serious injury and death. Annual inspection and preventive maintenance on all gymnasium equipment is recommended and in some areas also mandated. 

Our manufacturing support is outstanding and will provide full design and engineering services for every customer, every project - large or small. The engieers will Custom Design whatever the needs are and Design-in our Systems with any customer drawings. We work closely with Architects and Engineering firms to ensure end users receives the right product with latest technology and quality.


Ceiling Mount Backstops 

MTJ SPORTS® offers the finests basketball equipment from Gared Sports. Our full line of Ceiling Mount Backstops represent everything a customer will need for Indoor Basketball Equipment:

  • Single Mount Post Ceiling Hung Backstops

  • Double Hung Post Celing Mount Backstops

  • Forward Fold, Rear Fold, Side Fold and Stationary

  • Electric Motor Drives and Programmable Control Panel

  • Certified Design and Engieered Systems

  • Complete Installation Services

  • 25 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Portable Basketball Goals 

MTJ SPORTS® stands for complete line of Portable Basketball Equipment from Professional and Collegiate to Institutional and Recreational levels:

  • 54", 60" and 72" Backboard Sizes

  • 3' to 10' Overhang Arms 

  • NCAA/NBA Tempered Glass Backboards 

  • Custom Padding and Logos

  • Shot Clock options

  • Indoor and Outdoor Systems

  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Wall Mount Basketball Goals

MTJ SPORTS® has a complete line of Wall Mount Goal Systems for every customer need and budget for Institutional and Recreational levels:

  • Stationary Wall Mount Goals

  • Fold-Up Wall Mount Goals

  • Side Fold Wall Mount Goals

  • Electric Side Fold Wall Mount Goals

  • Roof Mount Mount Residential Goals

  • Adjustable and Fixed Height Backboards

  • Tempered Glass, Acrylic, Fiberglass and Steel Backboards

  • Complete Installation Service

  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Volleyball Systems

MTJ SPORTS® carries a complete line of Volleyball Systems for every customer need and budget from Competition to Recreational levels:

  • Collegiate Volleyball Systems

  • Scholastic Volleball Systems

  • Recreational Volleyball Systems

  • SkyMaster® Ceiling Suspended Volleball System

  • Portable Volleyball Systems

  • Volleyball Upright Safety Padding in 14 Color Choices

  • Referee Stands and Padding

  • Volleyball Storage Equipment

  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty on Structures

Divider Curtains

When it comes to maximize your Gym space no one does it better than MTJ SPORTS® and its lineup of latest technology Gymnasium Equipment from Gared Sports:

  • Divider Curtains - Top Roll, Peak Fold, Radius Fold-Up, Walk-Draw

  • Backboards, Goals, Rims

  • Batting Cages

  • Bleachers and Stands

  • Programmable Group Controllers

  • Wall Padding, Backboard Padding, Column Padding

  • Indoor Sports: Baseball, Badminton, Football, Handball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Netball, Soccer

  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty on Structures

Indoor Scoreboards

MTJ SPORTS® will supply every Sports Facility and Gym with the latest technology Scoreboard Systems - for Every Sport:

  • Basketball Scoreboards

  • Volleyball Scoreboards

  • Wrestling Scoreboards

  • Multi-Sports Scoreboards

  • Hockey Scoreboards

  • Four-Sided Basketball and Hockey Scoreboards

  • Portable and Stational Shot Clocks

  • Wireless Control Systems up to 300 ft

  • Full Manufacturers Warranties

More on our Ceiling Mount Basketball Backstops Options - Single Hung or Double Hung Up to Twenty Five (25) Year Manufacturers Warranty on Systems


MTJ SPORTS® - We offer the Finest Gymnasium Equipment Available

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