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5-A-Side Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer  

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MTJ SPORTS® is a North American partner with WSB SPORT's 5-A-Side Indoor Soccer Mini-Pitch Systems designed for maximum revenue generating operations for facility owners with up to 3 times the profit from traditional indoor soccer centers.


MTJ SPORTS and WSBSPORT is a world wide 5-A-Side Soccer Center Development Group from full soccer and multi-sports facility build-out and upgrades of existing soccer centers to design and development of new soccer centers with a 25 year track record of more than 170 facilities in 20 countries. 

MTJ SPORTS, together with WSBSPORT, offers complete indoor soccer systems with turf, boards, goals, netting, scoreboards, and bleachers along with with full turnkey installation.


We offer Permanent Soccer Field Systems, Semi-Portable Soccer Fields and fully Portable Mini-Pitches depending on our customers facility profiles and needs.

Our Indoor Soccer Fields:                                                

  • Pre-Designed Field sizes 

  • Custom Field sizes 

  • Premium FIFA Turf options

  • Outdoor Mini-Pitch options

  • Optional Glass Board Wall Systems

  • Scoreboards 

  • Bleachers  



For the fields only the next generation synthetic turf is selected and used for our clients. MTJ SPORTS will offer our clients the most suitable product for each specific environment, location and individual project in monofilament or fibrillated turf, variable height and with and without infill. The field is intended to last more than 10 years and therefore materials used are carefully selected with FIFA star and National Football (Soccer) Federations around the world.


Our soccer fields are design to adapt to your project ensuring highest degree of customization and quality even on the aesthetic level. Forget the basic suburban soccer field. MTJ SPORTS and WSBSPORT aim to offer the best possible soccer experience by means of higher performance and quality, with a series of of accessories and automation that bring the play and practice of the game into a new dimension - all to provide higher revenue generation for our customers.

Multi-Sports Facility

Not only indoor soccer! Over the years MTJ SPORTS has been attentive to the evolution of the market and is able to to provide and install courts and fields of many different sports under one roof: futsal, basketball, volleyball, padel, 2 on2 soccer (jorkyball), pickleball, multi-sports field, etc.

Get Your Highest ROI with 5-A-Side Soccer Systems


  • Indoor and Outdoor Field options…

  • Get Most amount of Players per Square Foot per Hour Per Day with 5-A-Side

  • Soccer…but don’t forget Multi-Sports options

  • Run Soccer Leagues and Training Camps - A facility suitable for All Age Groups

  • 5-A-Side Soccer is very fast growing in North America – Listen to our customers

  • Incorporate Lounge Areas with Food and Beverages and increase facility revenue with another 50% 

Want to open a new indoor soccer center?  We offer exceptional services in site research, design, funding, project and development management, marketing and promotion. 

Contact us TODAY at 1-800-789-1319 for more Information on our Indoor Soccer System and Services by MTJ SPORT®. 

Indoor 5-A-Side Soccer Fields
Complete Turnkey Solution - Design, Supply, Installation
Indoor & Outdoor 5-A-Side Facility
Increase ROI with Food & Beverage
Nexxfield Portable Soccer Turf 
3-D Design for each project
ClearSpan Buildings for all your Indoor Sports needs
Glass Wall Options
5-A-Side Outdoor Build-Out
Multi-Sports Design and Build-Out


US Indoor Sports Association

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