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5-A-Side Indoor Soccer
World Leader in 5-A-Side and Small Sided Soccer Fields

Consult - Design - Build

Indoor Soccer Field Build 

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US Indoor Sports Association

MTJ SPORTS® is a North American partner with WSB SPORT from Europe - The World Leader in 5-a-Side Indoor & Outdoor Soccer Centers for private and public customers.  We offer full 5v5 design-build services from single fields to multi-field soccer centers. We will provide you with 3 times more revenue from traditional indoor soccer centers.


MTJ SPORTS for WSBSPORT USA is a team of world leaders in Consulting and Design-Build of 5-a-side Soccer Centers. We engage in full soccer and multi-sports facility design-build to upgrades of existing soccer centers. Our design and development of new soccer centers have a 25 year track record of more than 180 facilities in 20 countries. 

Our services:

Helping new developers of 5-a-side complexes is our core business and we think we are qualified to help you through the process of setting up your facility and, possibly, a future franchise network of soccer centers.  Meet a couple of our many clients who currently has multiple 5v5 soccer center  locations:                             or

We are actually the only operator in the market of 5-a-side soccer that is able to provide, along with the manufacturing and installation of the fields, professional advice and continued support from early start-up stage to the on-going running of the business, in key areas like market study, risk-assessment, layout, interior design, management techniques, marketing and fan engagement policies.  Meet our team.

Beside our design-build services, we are a group of consultants, engineers, architects, manufacturers and marketing events specialists. We are the people who turn the dream of setting up a soccer center into reality.

Most of the 5-a-side soccer centers are start-up businesses, and most of the developers we meet understand that the opening of an indoor soccer business is simply just not "buying the fields". Clients also buy our fields because they love what we add to the process..that's our extensive know-how of the soccer business world-wide.

Our approach is very simple and straightforward : We offer advice and know-how from the feasibility study to the complex opening, in exchange for a service fee plus your commitment to buy our fields if the project emerges. 


We offer exceptional consulting services in site research, design, funding, project and development management, marketing and promotion. 

Simply put, MTJ SPORTS for WSBSPORT USA is a one-stop supplier of high quality indoor soccer systems - permanent fields, semi-portable fields and fully portable fields, all depending on our customers facility profiles and needs. We also successfully convert and upgrade existing indoor soccer facilities for optimized revenue. 

Our Indoor Soccer Fields:                                          

  • Complete Design-Build Services - New Facilities and Existing Facility Build-Outs and Upgrades

  • Full Consulting Services - From Concept to Facility Opening

  • Premium Quality Products and Warranties

  • FIFA Quality Turf 

  • Tempered Glass Wall Options

  • Scoreboards 

  • Bleachers  



We only use the next generation synthetic turf. Our turf fields are intended to last in high indoor use and we carefully choose turf with high performance and quality ratings including FIFA Star Ratings for soccer.


Our soccer fields are design to adapt to your project ensuring highest degree of customization and quality even on the aesthetic level. Forget the basic suburban soccer field. MTJ SPORTS and WSBSPORT aim to offer the best possible soccer experience by means of higher performance and quality, with a series of of accessories and automation that bring the play and practice of the game into a new dimension - all to provide higher revenue generation for our customers.

Multi-Sports Facility

Not only indoor soccer! Over the years MTJ SPORTS has been attentive to the evolution of the market and is able to to provide and install courts and fields of many different sports under one roof: futsal, basketball, volleyball, padel, 2 on 2 soccer soccer (jorkyball), tennis, pickleball, lacrosse, baseball/softball and football.

Get Your Highest ROI with 5-A-Side Soccer Systems


  • Indoor and Outdoor Field options…

  • Get Most amount of Players per Square Foot per Hour Per Day with 5-A-Side

  • Soccer…but don’t forget Multi-Sports options

  • Run Soccer Leagues and Training Camps - A facility suitable for All Age Groups

  • 5-A-Side Soccer is very fast growing in North America – Listen to our customers

  • Incorporate Lounge Areas with Food and Beverages and increase facility revenue with another 50% 

Contact us TODAY at 1-800-789-1319 for more Information on our Indoor Soccer System and Services by MTJ SPORT®. 

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