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Laykold Masters Tennis Courts  

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MTJ SPORTS® and MTJ TENNIS™ is proud to announce the revolutionary Laykold Masters Tennis Surfacing and Resurfacing Systems by APT Laykold USA for every Tennis Facility, Outdoor and Indoor, Commercial and Residential, Municipal (Parks & Recreation and Schools) and Private Courts.


What is Laykold Masters?

A new revolutionary family of Laykold Tennis Surface Systems called the Laykold Masters Color, Laykold Masters 5 and 8 Cushioned, Laykold Masters Float, Laykold Masters Montreal & Rome Systems designed for the Next Generation of Tennis Court Resurfacing, Retrofit Systems and New Court Construction with a 5 Year Warranty across the board.


Laykold Masters Color:

LM Color is a high-performance, all-weather, acrylic court surface, using a proprietary blend of factory-texture to ensure exceptional playability and superior surface longevity.

  • New Asphalt

  • New Concrete

  • Resurface

  • Indoor and Outdoor

  • 5-year Warranty

  • Superior abrasion and UV resistance

  • Multisport applications

  • Over 20 factory textures colors available


Laykold Masters 5 & 8, Laykold Masters Float, LM Gel and Laykold Master 8 Indoor:

LM 5 and 8 and Gel are cutting-edge polyurethane / rubber / acrylic composite court systems. Each utilizes a custom pre-fabricated shock pad for advanced player comfort and is coated with LM acrylics and LM color in multi-layers for superior ball bounce, footings, staying power and longevity.

  • 5-year Warranty

  • Permanent 4mm and 7mm cushion plus LM coatings

  • Outdoor and Indoor

  • 14% - 17% force reduction

  • Superior abrasion and UV resistance

  • Multisport applications

  • Over 20 factory textures colors available


Laykold Masters Montreal and Masters Rome:

LM Montreal and Rome Indoor are unprecedented in the world of elastic indoor court systems, engineered with a HARO plywood sub-flooring system promoting speedy installations and superior force reduction properties with LM Acrylics and Color completing this as an extraordinary court system none like it in the industry.

  • 5-year warranty

  • Indoor

  • Longevity – subfloors last 30-40 years with ability to recoat every 8-12 years

  • Versatility – use for retrofits, new installations and overlays (floating systems)

  • Superior abrasion and UV resistance

  • Multisport applications

  • Over 20 factory textures colors available


All Laykold Masters Systems are manufactured by APT Laykold in a ISO 9001 Quality Assured and ISO 14001 Environmentally Conscisious facility.


MTJ Sports is a Certified Laykold Masters Dealer and Installer. Design your court colors here: 


A MTJ Sports Staff Member is ready to assist you and your facility team members with a best suited to bring your facilities to the.


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APT Laykold Premium Tennis Surfaces
Laykold Masters Color Coat Tennis Surface System
Laykold Masters 5 & 8 Cushioned Outdoor Tennis Court Systems

Premium LAYKOLD MASTERS COLOR Coating System 


  • 5-Year Warranty

  • Extended Tennis Surface Longevity

  • Higher UV Resistant Tennis Court Colors.

  • Use with Laykold Masters Crack Repair System

  • Outdoor and Indoor Court Resurfacing and New Court Construction.

  • Pre-Textured and Finish Coats.

  • Download Product Information below

Cutting-Edge LAYKOLD MASTERS 5 & 8 CUSHIONED Tennis Court Systems


  • 5-Year Warranty

  • Permanent Cushion with Pre-Fabricated Shock Pad Tennis Court System

  • 14% Forece Reduction

  • Use with Laykold Masters LM LM Bondkote & LM Filler AR Systems

  • Outdoor Cushioned Applications

  • Superior Abrasion and UV Resistance

  • Download Product Information below

Laykold Masters Outdoor Float Tennis Court System
FLOAT & GEL Court Systems

The Next Generation LAYKOLD MASTERS FLOAT Cushioned Outdoor Tennis Courts System. 


  • ​5-Year Warranty

  • Designed to Bridge Cracks or moving substrates on all courts

  • Crack and Water Resistant 

  • Proprietary PU/Rubber/Acrylic composite court system

  • Permanent Cushion

  • 21% Force Reduction

  • Advanced Player Comfort

  • Download Product Information below

Laykold Masters Indoor Montreal & Rome Tennis Court Systems

LAYKOLD MASTERS Indoor Cushioned Elite Tennis Court Systems


  • 5-Year Warranty

  • LM 8 INDOOR Tennis Court System

  • LM Montreal and Rome Olympic Tournament Tennis Courts - Permanent or Portable Tennis Court Surface System

  • 21% Surface Force Reduction

  • 30-40 Years Surface Longevity

  • Manufactured by APT Laykold with ISO9001 and ISO14001 Quality Assurance

  • Download Product Information below

Laykold MASTERS Surface Portfolio
Laykold Masters Colors (Specifications & TDS's Upon Exlusive Requests)

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APT Laykold Premium Tennis Surfaces