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Meets all FIFA Standards
Best G-Max Ratings
Highest Mfg Warranty

Nexxfield Modular Turf


MTJ SPORTS® is your Exclusive Certified Distributor and Installer of NEXXFIELD® Sports Turf - The Next Generation Synthetic Modular Turf System designed for both indoor and outdoor, portable and permanent use. 

The special two blend yarn systems has the highest wear characteristics of any turf around in arenas, sports complex, stadiums, training centers, crossfit and much more for baseball, football, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, multi-sports, speed training and general fitness. With the expetional lateral stability control, traction, shock absorption and surface speed, makes Nexxfield your ultimate performance turf system.

The NEXXFIELD X-GEN E2 Reverse Portable Panel System, X-GEN Reverse Roll System and KOMBI are the Worlds Best Non-Infill Turf System since 15 years for both Indoor and Outdoor use with a 500 cycle manufacturers guarantee and 8 year warranty. 

NEXXFIELD X-GEN E2 is the most innovative Portable Turf System in the market with ability to perform in highest level in a Multi-Sports Field Conversion Facility with basketball or volleyball on weekdays and indoor soccer or football on weekends. No sports facility is too small or too large for this system. Alternate sports surfaces as often as you like based on facility size and manpower. The patented design allows for 100% lateral stability control and real grass like playing surface. The X-GEN E2 breaks that tradition by using modular turf system which consists of manufacturing ready-to-assemble panels of 4' x 7.5' with patented velcro fastener system.

X-GEN E2 and X-GEN E2 HD ROLL is available in 1" SPORT and 1-3/8" PRO, along with the 1/2" NEXXPAD 2.0 Shock System making this the most stable and toughest portable sport turf system in the world. ​

This major innovation along with the lightweight materials used, allows for easier transportation and installation, as well as, more flexibility for converting the turf playing area into usable space for other sports and special events. For example, a team of 5 persons can remove a 18,000 sq ft turf system in 5 hours.

Nexxfield lead the industry with major innovations such as the first FIFA recommended non-infill turf, and more with the new patened closed cell 1/2", 3/4" and 1" SHOCKPAD 2.0 for any field turf improvements for proper Gmax impact system.​

The NEXLINE Custom Inlaid Line System adds a nice touch to all NEXXFIELD Turf Systems.

The Nexxfield Turf Systems are widely used in both Private and Public Sports Facities, Fitness and Speed Training, Parks & Recreation, High Schools and Universities. NexXfield Turf meets FIFA Standards.

MTJ Sports also offers the NEXXFIELD Turf Systems throughout the U.S. and International markets.  All our Modular NEXXFIELD® Systems are designed for Customer Self-Install provided with Factory Supervision & Training.

The NEXXFIELD® Turf Systems are used for any sports applications:

  • Baseball/Softball 

  • Football

  • Soccer

  • Field Hockey

  • Lacrosse

  • Multi-Sports

  • Crossfit and Speed Training

  • Safe Playground

  • Portable Tennis Courts

X-GEN - Superior Safety, Performance and Durability

All our Portable Turf Systems have full Financing and Leasing available through our partners at Direct Capital at very competitive rates.  For more information go to:


Modular Field Turf by Nexxfield


X-Gen E2 Outdoor Turf Conversion 


Complete Turnkey Solution - Design, Supply, Installation


Stadium with X-Gen Reverse and KOMBI Turf


X-Gen E2 Pro Turf with Nexxpad 2.0 Shockpad


X-Gen Nexxpad 2.0 Retrofit System

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