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Outdoor Game Courts 


American Sports Builders Association

MTJ SPORTS® offer a full line of Outdoor Game Courts for Soccer Mini-Pitches, Basketball Courts, Pickleball Courts, Multi-Game Courts, Paddle Courts, Hockey Rinks and Volleyball Courts.  We are proud to partner with Laykold Sports Coatings, US Soccer Foundation, NGI Sports, SnapSports and USA Pickleball. Outdoor Soccer Mini-Pitches and Pickleball Courts are the two fastest growing sports in the industry.


We offer our customers a several premium outdoor surface choice along with the Laykold Master exclusive 5-Year Color Warranty along with Court Component from our partners at Gared Sports, Goalsetter, Kwik Goal and Puttermann. Our premium outdoor court surfaces and systems are available to meet any budget needs for HOA's Hotel & Resorts, Parks & Recreation, Schools, Sports Centers, Fitness Clubs, YMCA's, and Residential Courts... Visit our                               here. 


We offer full design and installation. 


US Soccer Foundation offers customers the opportunity to become part of their 'Safe Places To Play' program. Learn more by visiting their website on this link: 


Our Outdoor Game Courts have been played on since 1997 by every age and skill level from recreational to professional athletes.  As proud member of American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), we always follow their guide lines in court repair, resurfacing, new construction, design, and maintenance to meet the highest standards available.

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Outdoor Basketball Courts

MTJ SPORTS® can help you with new design or upgrade of Basketball Courts to look and play great from commercial to residential. 


  • SnapSports Premium Court Surfaces

  • Laykold Masters Acrylic Surfaces

  • ProXtreme Cushioned Membrane Surfaces

  • Laylod Masters 5 & 8 Cutting-Edge Cushioned Court Systems

  • Over 20 Court Colors

  • Premium Outdoor Basketball Goals

  • Fence System, Court Lighting, Custom Logos

Soccer Mini-Pitch
Outdoor Soccer Mini-Pitches

Outdoor Soccer Mini-Pitches are growing in high popularity to allow players and families of all ages to become part of the US Soccer development programs and 'Safe Places To Play' movement.


  • Single or Multi- Pitch Designs

  • Premium Laykold Masters Acrylic Surface

  • SnapSports Outdoor Fustal Surfaces

  • Custom Logos and Windscreens

  • Futsal and Soccer Goals andFencing Systems

  • Court Lighting option

Thomas Park PB.JPG
Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Pickleball is the fastest growing racquet sport in North America. All ages! Paddle tennis is great sport for city folks and roof top areas.  MTJ Sports® proudly supports both US Pickleball Association and US Paddle Tennis.


  • LAYKOLD MASTERS Court Surfaces

  • TitanTrax PK Cushioned Acrylic Hard Courts

  • Up to 20 Court Colors and Custom Colors

  • In-Ground and Portable Net/Post Systems

  • Vinyl Coated Chainlink Fence Systems.

  • Windscreens

  • Low Energy LED Outdoor Court Lighting Systems

Illinois Inline Hockey Rinks
Outdoor Hockey Rinks

Hockey is not just on Ice. Outdoor Inline Hockey and Ball Hockey is growing fast for both off-season ice hockey fans and Summer sports. MTJ Sports® will provide both installation services and customer DIY options.


  • Premium SKATE ON Acrylic Surfaces

  • SnapSports Surfaces

  • Outdoor Dasherboard Systems

  • Safety Netting Systems

  • Outdoor Rink Lighting Systems

  • Goals and Hockey Rink Accessories

  • Custom Logos