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Pickleball Court Builder

What Do You Need From a Pickleball Court Builder?

Pickleball is among the fastest-growing sports for young and old players. They are popping up in communities intended for 55 and older communities. The playing area of a pickleball court is smaller than tennis courts. This makes it a great addition to many backyards also. When you are interested in constructing a pickleball court, you want to contact a pickleball court builder. Before contacting a builder, it is helpful to know some surface options and features about pickleball courts. Pickleball courts are similar to tennis and basketball courts that are asphalt or concrete. A tennis court construction company can help create the ideal pickleball court. 

A tennis court construction company will explain everything you need to know about pickleball courts. New construction or converting existing courts to pickleball courts requires knowledge which you will receive from a tennis court construction company. Other features of importance include having a specific slope to allow for proper drainage, lighting and fence design. There are other guidelines that the builder should follow provided by the American Sports Builders Association. MTJ Sports offers cushioned court systems. They also offer a significant warranty for various parts of the pickleball court. MTJ Sports is also a member of the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA). MTJ Sports use PickleMaster professional grade pickleball court surfacing system by SportMaster. Official court surface of USA Pickleball Association.

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