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New ProXtreme Surface installed for Ashbury Tennis Courts, Naperville, IL

MTJ Sports install Nova ProXtreme Tennis Surface for Naperville Park District, IL at Ashbury Tennis Courts. The 4 existing tennis courts had typical aging cracks and surface depressions.

The district made a preferred choice for the ProXtreme crack free cushioned membrane tennis surface over an ashpalt slipsheet system. Crack clean, fill and leveling per ASBA standards was performed before membrane surface was installed, sealed and coated with Laykold Flexible NuSurf and Color Flex. Courts were striped for 4 Regulation Tennis, 2 Pickleball and 2 USTA 10 and Under.

The Nova ProXtreme surface has a 5 year initial manufacturers warranty with life expecatancy of 25+ years following recommended maintenance procedures. USTA recommend re-coating tennis courts every 5-7 years for best surface appeal and longevity. The Nova ProXtreme cusioned surface is used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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