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MTJ Sports Introducing new Laykold Masters Tennis Court Systems

MTJ Sports is proud to announce the revolutionary Laykold Masters Tennis Court Surfacing and Resurfacing Systems designed with proprietary formulations by APT Laykold USA for the 'next level' of improvements of Tennis & Multi-Sports Facility, Outdoor and Indoor, Commercial and Residential, Municipal (Parks & Recreation and Schools) and Private Courts.

A new revolutionary family of premium Laykold Masters Sports Surface Systems are: Laykold Masters Color, Laykold Masters 5 and 8 Cushioned, Laykold Masters Float, Laykold Masters Montreal & Rome Systems designed for to be the Next Generation of Tennis Multi Sports Courts - Resurfacing, Retrofit Systems and New Court Construction - with an unconditional 5 Year Warranty across the board.

MTJ Sports is a Certified Laykold Masters Dealer and Installer. MTJ Sports is a member of American Sports Builders Association..

For more information, please visit our website at and contact us at 800-789-1319 or via your local MTJ Sports Representative.

Laykold Master Court Tennis Surfacing

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