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Premium Tennis Coirt Surfaces
Ultimate Tennis Court Overlay
5+5 Year Warranty
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ProBounce Tennis Court

United States Tennis Association
International Tennis Federation
QuickStart 10 and Under Tennis
American Sports Builders Association

Do you want an uptime synthetic tennis courts surface and no cracks for 25 years? 

MTJ SPORTS® offers ProBounce™ Tennis Court System - The Ultimate Cushioned Synthetic Slipsheet Tennis Court Surface with complete crack elimination, maximum comfort and surface longevity. NO MORE CRACKS!


MTJ Sports offers tennis surface solutions for every type of customer and facility Parks & Recreation, Public and Private High Schools, College and Universities, HOA's and Residential Courts, Country Clubs, Sports and Racquet Centers, Hotels and Resorts. Serving customers direct in 15 States from our offices in Illinois.


  • ProBounce Tennis Court Surface Installs over new or existing Asphalt, Concrete or Crushed Rock Base

  • Tennis Court Resurface Existing Hard Courts and Clay Courts

  • Full Fencing Repair and Install and Net Post Systems

  • Complete Line of 


Why ProBounce™ Tennis Court Surface:

  • A Monolithic Overlay System

  • Ultimate Cushioned Comfort

  • Thermally and Dimensianally Stable Floating Membrane

  • Complete Water Barrier System

  • No more Tennis Court Surface Cracking

  • Fast Installation with Low Downtime and Cost Savings

  • Excellent for both Outdoor and Indoor System

  • Decreased Player Fatigue and Stress Injuries

  • Is eco-friendly

  • Highest Return on Tennis Court Surface Investment



  • Premium Flexible Acrylic Color System 

  • Flexible Acrylic Resurfacer


ProBounce™Tennis Court Surface is:

  • Better than Asphalt and Concrete Courts 

  • Better than crack filling and repairs - NO MORE Cracks - Ever 

  • Better than milling down old courts for asphalt overlays

  • Better than post tension concrete

  • ...and ultimately a beautiful Tennis Court System that will bring a lifetime of play - GURANTEED.


Here is how it works:


Peoria Illinois Tennis Court Repair
Existing worn surface before ProBounce™ System
Champaign Illinois Tennis Court Resurfacing
Existing structural Cracks before ProBounce™ System
Naperville Illinois Tennis Court Reasurfacing
Clean out Cracks and use Hydraulic Cement over 1.5"
Bloomington Illinois Tennis Court Resurfacing
Level and Seal before ProBounce™ System
Greenville South Carolina Tennis Court Resurfacing
Apply PB Fiber Stratum, Silica Sand and PolySeal
Arlington Heights Illinois Tennis Court Repair
Apply Flexible Acrylic Resurfaces on sealed Stratum
Us Open Blue and Green Tennis Colors
Apply Dual Flexible Color Coating System
ProBounce Tennis Court Surfaces
Your completed ProBounce™ Tennis Court System 

Your Tennis Court System is designed for No More Cracks - Ever!

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