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ProControl Soccer 

Accelerated Soccer Training Devices
Soccer Made In America

MTJ SPORTS® is proud to introduce the soccer world to ProControl® Soccer - the NEW Generation Patented Adanced Soccer Skill Development System.


Designed for Individual Accelerated Soccer Ball Control - Indoor and Outdoor Use - Portable and Permanent System.


NOW Exclusively available through MTJ SPORTS.


Engineered for both Individual Soccer Training and Team Development. Available for Schools, Parks & Recreation, Club Level, Collegiate and Professional Major League Soccer. Easy for home use for soccer families as well.


Developed to accelerate young player Ball Control, Repetitive Touching and Quickness with the soccer ball. Develops 10 x MORE ball control in soccer players. Training Programs designed in partnership with Soccer Made In America (SMIA).


ProControl® Soccer is quickly becoming the preferred choice in soccer skill development by soccer coaches, players and camp organizers.


"A MUST HAVE Soccer Training System" for soccer players, coaches, clubs, and soccer facility", says Aleks Mihailovic, U.S. National Soccer Scouting, SMIA Training Programs, and Member of the ProControl Team.


MTJ Sports® also complete Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Field Turf Systems.  For more information go to: 


The World's First Individual High-Rep Soccer Training Aid.

  • 2' x 4' Passing Wall

  • 3' x 6' Shooting Wall


ProControl® is truly the only of its kind soccer for soccer skill development.  Designed to accelerate player's individual ball control and overall performance 10 times more than the before.


An unmatched patented system designed to rapidly enhance ground skills most essential for the soccer game.


ProControl® Soccer - What Winning Feels Like


Guaranteed High Perfomance Development.

ProControl® Soccer is designed as the most optimal system for intensive high repetition soccer training.  There is nothing that stacks up to ProControl® Soccer in the market today.


Beginning with pass and receive, ProControl® Soccer incorporates change of direction, accuracy, quickness, and ball control all in one repetitive session.


When you Control the Ball, you Control the Game.




Choose a Practice Course that Best Fits your Needs.

The ProControl® Practice Courses are designed by high level coaches and professional players for ultimate soccer development programs in individual training, team and structured camps and clinics.


  • Single and Dual Panel System (Great for Home)

  • The Champions 4-Panel Module (Most Popular Start-up System)

  • The Park Course (Great for Park District Soccer of all ages)

  • The Intermediate Course (Perfect for Club Level and High School Teams)

  • The Flagship Course (Our favorite course for long term multi-level progressive development)

  • The Ultimate Course (Perfect for Soccer Camps and Clinics provides repetitive training for 24 players all in one session)


The Ultimate Goal is to Become Champions.

ProControl® is used by every level of soccer players today from Youth Soccer to Collegiate and Professional - Men's and Women's Teams.


  • Head Coach Bobby Clark, Men's NCAA Soccer Champions Notre Dame University, was introduced to ProControl® Soccer for new method of refined training towards success.


ProControl® Soccer is used by youth soccer teams, high school soccer teams, MLS teams and many coaches running soccer camps and clinics today.


Our List of ProControl® Soccer Testimonials is growing fast.  


  • Legendary Soccer Player Pele

  • MLS Chicago Fire Soccer

  • Soccer Made In America (SMIA)

  • Chicago Blast Soccer

  • Regional and National Youth Soccer Camps

  • High School Soccer

  • NCAA Collegiate Soccer



“Being around soccer all my life, I have understood the need for an elite soccer training system and spent severals years on developement of ProControl® Soccer to achieve what the soccer world has been waiting for. I personally invite you to try it out as soon as you can.

Wayne Adema 


ProControl Soccer

“Many soccer coaches talk about advanced soccer skill development.  

I take it one step further to 'Precision' Soccer Development. ProControl® Soccer Training is by far the most advanced soccer training system available and I endorse it and use it religiously in my training programs.

Aleks Mihailovic

Bundesliga and FIFA

Soccer Made In America

U.S. National Soccer

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