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ProCourtXP Grass Court

ProBounce Tennis Court

Does your tennis court have trouble draining fast?

MTJ SPORTS® offers ProCourtXP™ Tennis Court System - A Premium Synthetic Grass Court System with true shot response, spine, ball speed and bounce. While other court surface systems reuires a minimum of 0.83 degree slope by ITF and USTA, the ProCourt XP requires only 0.25% slope for surface drainage making this system ideal for courts that struggle with water surface drainage.​

MTJ Sports offers new surface or resurface solutions for every tennis customer - Sports and Tennis Clubs, Racquet Centers, Parks & Recreation Courts, High Schools and Universities and Residential Tennis Courts.

  • PROCOURT XP Installs over Asphalt, Concrete or Crushed Rock Base

  • Resurface ANY Existing Tennis Court with ProCourt XP Synthetic Grass Courts

  • Full supply of premium Tennis Posts, Tennis Nets and Wind Screens

ProCourt XP™ Synthetic Grass Court Surface:

  • Monolithic Overlay System 

  • Cushioned Comfort Surface

  • Complete Water Drainage System

  • No More Surface Cracking Problems and Repairs

  • Faster Installation with Low Downtime and Cost Savings

  • Decreased Player Fatigue and Stress Injuries

  • Engineered for Excellent Traction and Foot Rotation and Releases

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

Ask us about our AussieClay Synthetic Clay Court System and ProClay Natural Clay Court Systems. See Brochures below

Here is how ProCourt XP Court Overlay Rehab works:


Existing worn surface before ProCourt™ System


Existing structural Cracks before ProCourt™ System


ProCourt XP™ for Residential Courts


ProCourt XP™ installs over compacted rock base


Level and Seal before ProCourt™ System


ProCourt XP™ for Commercial Courts


Your Tennis Court System is now READY for Play - In just 4-5 Days per Court and No More Cracks - Ever!

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