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Extreme Semi-Cushioned Tennis Surface
Cushioned Waterproof
5 Year Warranty
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TitanTrax Xtreme Tennis Court 

American Sports Builders Association
United States Tennis Association

Tired of fixing your tennis court cracks?  

MTJ SPORTS®  is a certified installer of TitanTrax Pro Xtreme and TitanTrax Air - All-Weather Semi-Cushioned Membrane Tennis Court Surface Systems with full Crack Elimination and Water Seal- Guaranteed 5 years Manufacturers Warranty and up to 20+ years life expectancy. TitanTrax Air is 25% thicker than TitanTrax Xtreme.

We use only Flexible Acrylic Tennis Court Coatings from Laykold ColorFlex and SportMaster ColorPlus for TitanTrax Surfaces required by design and also yields for longer lasting tennis surface results.


Why TitanTrax Court Crack Elimination and Water Seal System:

  • Thermally and Dimensinally Stable Membrane installs over entire court

  • Complete Moisture Seal System

  • Installs over Existing or New Asphalt and Concrete Courts

  • Fast Installation - No Waiting for New Asphalt and Concrete Curing Times

  • High Return on Investment


Xtreme and Air Tennis Court Membrane System replaces worn asphalt overlay systems that will crack again and again in just a few years after resurfacing your courts with conventional crack repair and acrylic coatings. NO MORE Cracks - Ever and ultimately a beautiful Tennis Court System that will bring a lifetime of play - GURANTEED.


MTJ Sports® and Tennis provides evey customer FREE Consulting on optional Tennis Court Resurface Solutions and How To Keep Your Tennis Court(s) in Playable Conditions. 


Here is how it works:


Before Illinois Tennis Court Surface
Existing Cracks before TitanTrax System
Naperville Illinois Tennis Court Resurfacing
Fill, Seal and Level all Existing Cracks and Depressions
Chicago Illinois ProXtreme Tennis Court Resurfacing
Full Membrane Court Overlay 
TitanTrax Extreme Tennis Surface
Flexible Color Coating System 

Your TitanTrax Xtreme and TitanTrax Air Tennis Court System can be READY for Play in 7 Days.

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