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MTJ SPORTS® represents the finest Scoreboards in the industry. We offer a complete line of Indoor and Outdoor Scoreboards  for Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Multi-Gyms, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Wrestling and more. We deliver a scoreboard for every sports.

MTJ SPORTS® offers full accessories for every Scoreboard type in Controllers, Carrying Cases, Conversion Kits for Additional Sports, Dual Power Systems, Eletronic Sponsor Panels, Electronic Team Names, Goal Lights, Horns for Outdoor Scoreboards, Player Statistics Panels, Protective Netting, Rolling Leg Assemblies, Solar-Charged Battery Power, Sponsor Panels, Wireless Remote Batteries, Wireless Remote Systems.

All our Scoreboards are designed with 100,000 hour-rated Super-Bright LED displays, low power consumption, increased visbility and no maintenance, no light bulbs to replace ever.

Approvals: ETL/CSA listed, Meets all FCC Class requirements.

The MTJ SPORTS® Scoreboards are available in several standard colors to match your team or school colors: Black, Grey, Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Red. Ask about our custom colors.

Our Scoreboard Systems are availble for purchase for Self-Installations, as well as, for full turnkey Installations. Our factory direct installations are completed through Certified Installers for highest quality and workmanship results and under full manufacturers warranty.

MTJ SPORTS® has 30+ years of experience in sports facility Design, Specification and Installation and will help you choose the right Scoreboard and Acceesories for you.  Our MTJ Services will support you in Sponsor Locator Services.

Contact us Today for support in choosing the right Scoreboard for your needs.

Distributor of

Basketball & Multi-Sports

All our Indoor Gymnasium Scoreboards are available in minimum three (3) standard sports configuartions: Basketball/Volleyball/Wrestling

  • 4'-8' Sizes, 9'-12' Sizes, Wall Mount and Four Sided.

  • Portable Scoreboards and Shot Clocks.

  • Black injection molded plastic for strong yet lightweight construction.

  • Super-Bright LED Displays.

  • Power Requirements: 15-amp, 120-volt, 60-hertz grounded AC.

  • Remote Control system.

  • Scoreboard Accessories

  • Basketball, Volleyball & Wrestling 


Baseball Scoreboards

Lead your league with our Baseball/Softball scoreboards. Large 15" Super-Bright 100,000-hour rated LED numerials.

  • 8'-9' Sizes, 14'-18' Sizes, 20'-36' Sizes.

  • Widest viewing angle in the industry over 300 feet.

  • Non-Electronic Boards and Portable Scoreboards.

  • 22-guage galvanneal steel cabinet with powder coat finish

  • Polymeric Calendared Vinyl Lettering

  • At Bat 15" tall Super-Bright LED displays

  • Impact Ressistant Acrylic Protective Shields.

  • Adjustable LED Intensity included.


Football Scoreboards

Lead your Organization with our Football Scoreboards.  Large 15" and 20" Super-Bright 1000,000-hour rated LED numerials are the largest with widest viewing angle in the industry visible over 300 feet.

  • I8'-4' Sizes, 18'-45' Sizes, Timers and Clocks.

  • ​LED Messaging and Sponsor Panels.

  • Optional Track and Field Add-on systems.

  • 22-guage galvanneal steel cabinet with powdercoating finish.

  • Eight (8) standard colors.

  • Impact Resistant Acrylic Protective Digit Shield.

  • Adjustable LED Intensity.

  • Standard LCD Controller.


Hockey Scoreboards

Hit the ice with our top-of-the-line Hoecky Scoreboards. Wall Mounts and Four-Sided Scoreboards with the brightest LED numerials in the industry. Never a bad scoreboard viewing angle in the rink.

  • 3' and 6'-8' Wall Mounted Sizes.

  • Four-Sided Ceiling Scoreboards.

  • Outdoor Hockey Scoreboards.

  • 22-guage galvanneal steel cabinet with powedercoating finish.

  • Display: Home-Guest, Clcok, Double Penalty, Period, Goal, Player.

  • Keyboard controller made from high impact ABS plastic with a tactic mebrane keypad


Soccer Scoreboards

Kick it up a notch with our awesome Soccer Scoreboards with largest and brightest LED numerials in the industry.

  • 8'-24' Scoreboard Sizes.

  • 22-guage galvanneal steel cabinet with power coat finish

  • Available in eight (8) standard scoreboard colors.

  • Indoor or Outdoor use.

  • Impact Restant Acrylic Protecrtive Digit Shields

  • Adjustable LED Intensity included.

  • Portable Soccer Scoreboards.


Shot Clocks Accessories 

We offer a complete line of Indoor and Outdoor Scoreboard Accessories for every sport: Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Mult-Gyms, Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling and more...

  • Controller Carrying Cases.

  • Conversion Kits for additional Sports.

  • Dual Power Systems and Solar-Charged Battery Power.

  • Electronic and Standard Sponsor Panels, Electronic Team Names.

  • External Battery Power, Goal Lights and Horns.

  • Player Statistic Panels.

  • Wireless Remote Battery and Control Systems.

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