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TitanTrax™ Shield Tennis Court Upgrade

MTJ Sports upgrades Atten Park Tennis Courts, Wheaton, Illinois with TitanTrax™ Shield Tennis Court Surface - The Next Generation Crack Free Tennis Surface System. The TitanTrax™ Shield is a water proof membrane surface that will last 25+ years as long as it is maintained with new color coatings every 5-7 years as recommended by ASBA and USTA. New coatings will add UV protection and extended life to every tennis court, and with TitanTrax™ Shield your court also remains crack free. Upgrade of 4 Tennis Courts with new Net Posts and Footings is a 2-3 week process depending on weather conditions. TitanTrax™ Shield is not a cushioned surface. MTJ Sports is Certified NGI Court System Installer primarily servicing the Midwest and the South Eastern U.S.

TitanTrax Shield Tennis Surface by MTJ Sports

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