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Tennis Court Repair Company

What Happens When You Need a Tennis Court Repair Company?

When you are looking for a tennis court repair company, you want to know what services they can provide for you before you hire them. Your tennis court may need resurfacing, repainting, or fixing areas where the existing equipment is located. You want a company that is professional and fast. You want them to provide a quote along with a time when the services can be started and completed. You want to ensure that you hire a company that can address the problems on your specific type of tennis court. Your tennis court may be asphalt, concrete, grass, or clay.

Asphalt courts requires proper design and materials selection for reduced surface cracks and life. Concrete courts typically also have a crack-free membrane overlay surface. A membrane tennis courts is cushioned and softer and easier on the joints and body. They help to reduce the risk of injury. Synthetic grass courts tend to be less maintenance even when they look close to more traditional grass courts. Synthetic courts provide high quality and durable tennis courts at an affordable cost. Clay courts are able to absorb water better than other surfaces, which allows you to continue to play tennis in light rain. These courts also have a cooler temperature than other tennis court surfaces. The ball bounces slower on clay than it does on other surfaces. This allows players to have more control over their game and improve their technical skills. MTJ Sports is a long standing member of American Sports Builder Association (ASBA) for proper ways of constructing and repairing tennis courts. MTJ Sports use Laykold Advantage and ColorFlex traditional hard court coating systems and Color Plus by SportMaster coating systems. MTJ Sports use CushionMaster by Sport Master for cushioned courts.

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