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Crack Free Waterproof
5 Year Warranty

TitanTrax Shield Tennis Court 

If you are looking for an economy all-weather crack free tennis surface - look no more!

MTJ SPORTS® offers TitanTrax Shield Membrane Tennis Court System - an Economical alternative to Pro Xtreme and ProBounce Full Membrane Surfaces.

TitanTrax Shield is Guaranteed Crack Free Tennis Surface with 5 year standard factory warranty delivering improved tennis court life up to 20 years.  We will repair and resurface damaged and worn tennis courts to brand new tennis courts with TitanTrax Shield synthetic overlay system.​

We use only Flexible Acrylic Tennis Court Coatings, which are of flexible with the membrane surface, superior quality and provides for a longer lasting tennis surface.

TitanTrax Shield Economical Membrane for Crack Elimination and Water Seal System:

  • Fast Renovation

  • Dimensionally Stable Membrane installs over entire court

  • Complete Water Barrier System

  • Installs over Existing and New Asphalt and Concrete Courts

  • Long Terms Solution

  • A Protective Shield

NO MORE Cracks and ultimately a beautiful Tennis Court System that will bring a years of play. TitanTrax Shield™ Tennis Court Membrane System is Guaranteed Against No More Cracks as it replaces costly slipsheet asphalt and concrete overlay court systems which will crack again and again in just a few years after resurfacing.

Here is how TitanTrax Shield Court Overlay Rehab System works:


Existing Cracks before TitanTrax System


Fill, Seal and Level all Existing Cracks and Depressions


Flexible Acrylic Coatings applied


TitanTrax Shield
Edge Seal


TitanTrax Shield Membrane installed and sealed


TitanTrax Shield completed with Flexible Coatings


Your TitanTrax Shield Tennis Court System is now READY for Play - In as little as 7 Days for a Single Tennis and 10 Days for a Two Tennis Court System

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