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Pickleball Courts 

MTJ SPORTS® build, repairs and resurface Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball Courts for Commercial and Residential Customers.

We work with Pickleball Court Developers, Franchise Pickleball Centers, Country Clubs Pickleball, Hotel & Resorts Pickleball, Parks & Recreation Pickleball, and Residential Backyard Pickleball Courts.

​MTJ SPORTS® offers a full portfolio of Cushioned and Non-Cushioned Court Surfaces from SportMaster - The official court surface for USA Pickleball Association. We use PickelMaster Acrylic Color Coatings and CushionMaster Cushioned Coatings. We also work with Laykold Masters Pickleball Court Systems, We offer in-ground and portable Pickleball Net Post Systems from Douglas and Edwards. New PickleGlass Fence by PickleTile and Pickleball Court Divider Netting. 


  • Premium Color Coating Systems

  • All-Weather Outdoor Surfaces 

  • Cushioned Indoor and Outdoor Court Surfaces 

  • ​Recreational and Tournament Court Surface Designs

  • Pickleball Net Post Systems - Portable and In-Ground

  • Pickleball Court Chain Link Fence and Portable Netting 

  • New PICKLGLASS enclosures by PICKLETILE

With the MTJ SPORTS® many years experience, and member and supporter of American Sports Builder Association (ASBA), US Indoor Association (US Indoor), USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), Major League Pickleball (MLP) and Professional Pickleball Association (PPA Tour), we will assist you with design and choosing the right court surface for your Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball Court System.  Why we offer pickleball court installation with highest quality and workmanship and exceptional manufacturers warranty! 


Outdoor Pickleball Centers

Design, Build, Upgrade, Repair and Resurface Services for Pickleball Courts

  • PickleMaster Acrylic Color Coat Systems

  • Cushioned Court options

  • Laykold Master Pickleball Court Surfaces

  • Standard Court Colors and Custom Court Color options

  • LED Lighting, Fence, Nets and Court Accessories

  • MTJ SPORTS® is a proud member of USA Pickleball Association (USAPA)

Indoor Pickleball Centers

We design, supply and install new indoor pickleball courts. 

  • PickleMaster Pickleball Court surfaces,

  • CushionMaster Cushioned Pickleball Court surfaces

  • Chain Link Divider Fence and Netting,

  • NEW INFINITYGLASS court dividers by PickleTile

  • Portable and Permanent Pickleball Net System

  • Professional Installation Services

Residential Pickleball Courts

Residential Courts are a great place for Pickleball Court option. 

  • Traditional Acrylic Color Coating Systems

  • Cushioned Acrylic Hard Courts

  • Professional Court Building and Resurfacing Services

  • Multi-Sport Court options

  • New PICKLEGLASS enclosures.

  • LED Lighting

Municipal Pickleball Courts

We offer Picklball surfaces and installation services for every Parks & Recreation Municipal and Public facility - Indoor and Outdoor.

  • Professional design and build

  • Outdoor Pickleball Court LED Lighting for every Pickleball court system

  • MTJ SPORTS® works with architects and engineering firms on design and specifiaction of Pickleball Courts.

  • Proud Members of USA Pickleball Association

Combo Tennis and Pickleball Courts

Combination Tennis and Pickleball Courts have become a very popular trend in the the sports industry.  We offer any type of combinaton systems.

  • Single Courts

  • Double Courts

  • Quad Courts

Conversion from Tennis Courts to Pickleball Courts

We offer Full Conversion Court Systems from Tennis to Pickleball Courts. Pickleball is currently the fastest growing racquet sport in America. 

  • Portable and Permanent Pickleball Net Systems

  • Court Lighting, Divider Fence and Netting

  • Professional Court Construction and Resurfacing Services

Engineered for Optimal Design and Functionality, UltraVision High-Impact Glass, High-Impact 12mm tempered glass panels deliver crystal-clear panoramic views while safeguarding your court from disruptive noise and the harshest wind conditions.

  • Modern Sleek Design

  • Panoramic Views

  • Sound and Wind Suppression

  • Laser-Focused LED Illumination

  • Hercules Galvanized Steel Columns Anti Corrosive Design

  • Hurricane-Proof

  • Full Ball Containment


Country Club and HOA Courts

New Construction and Existing Court Build-Outs. Ultimate layout designs. New Technology LED Lighting with Solar Panels Design options. 

  • Asphalt and Concrete Base Design

  • Premium Acrylic Coating Systems

  • Cushioned Court Surfaces up to 17% Force Reductions

  • 9-11 Ga Vinyl Coated Chainlink Fence and Glass Wall Options

  • New Technology LED

  • Asphalt and Concrete Base Design

  • PickleMaster and Laykold Pickleball Coating Systems

  • Cushioned Court Surfaces up to 17% Force Reductions

  • Chainlink Fence and new PICKLEGLASS Enclosure Options

  • New Technology LED Lights

  • New Mesh Design Privacy Screens

  • Tournament Grade Pickleball Nets

  • New Mesh Design Privacy Screens

  • Tournament Grade Nets


3-D Renderings Design and Build  Pickleball Courts

Official Surface of USA Pickleball

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