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Competitive and Recreational Pickleball
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Pickleball Courts 


American Sports Builders Association
USA Pickleball Association

MTJ SPORTS® design, build and resurface crack free all weather pickleball courts for Commercial and Residential Customers, Clubs, Hotel & Resorts, Parks & Recreation, Schools and, of course, Residential Courts.


​MTJ SPORTS® offers a full portfolio of optional Outdoor & Indoor Pickleball Court Surfaces with Premium Flexible Acrylic Cushioned and Non-Cushioned Courts. We will design and supply Single and Multi-Court Systems along with Multi-Game Court options for additional sports with your Pickleball Court.  


Pickleball is one of fastest growing sports in USA and can be played by any age group.  Ask us about converting a Tennis Court into Pickleball Courts or Combination Tennis and Picklball


Our Court Surfaces:



  • LAYKOLD MASTER 5 & 8 CUSHIONED OVERLAY - 5 Year Warranty - Installs over New or Existing Asphalt and Concrete Base

  • NEW TITANTRAX PK ALL-WETHER - 5 Year Warranty - Installs over New or Existing Asphalt and Concrete Base

  • NOVA PROBOUNCE ALL-WEATHER - 5 Year Warranty - Installs over New or Existing Asphalt and Concrete Base

  • Recreational and Tournament Court Surface with Premium Acrylic Coating Finish - Smooth and Textured Up to 10 Year Manufacturers Surface Warranty - 12 Standard Court Colors + NEW Vivid Colors

  • Pickleball Net Systems - Portable and In-Ground


With the MTJ SPORTS® many years experience, and member and supporter of USA Pickleball Association, will assist you with design and choosing the right court surface for your Pickleball Court System.  For those customers choosing Full Turnkey Services, only Certified Factory Direct Installers with highest quality and workmanship and under full manufacturers warranty will be offered. 


All our Pickleball Courts are offered with full Professional Services. We have a Network of Contractors and Reps throughout North America that will provide our customers with local support and service from Full Turnkey Services to Concrete Contractor Services to support our customers needs.  


As proud member, we design and build all our courts under American Sports Builders Association and USA Pickleball Association guidelines. We have a Court Surface for every Pickleball Court System.

Design your court colors here:  

Outdoor Pickleball Court Systems
Club Level Pickleball Courts

Club Level and Hotel & Resort All Weather Pickleball Courts


  • TitanTrax PK and ProBounce Cushioned Courts

  • Laykold® Premium Color Coats up to 5 year warranty

  • 14 Standard Court Colors

  • MTJ SPORTS® is a proud member of USA Pickleball Association (ASPTA)

Pickleball Courts
Indoor Pickleball Courts

We promote and support USA Pickleball expansion program nation wide for every age group and skill level. We particularly help driving youth pickleball.


  • Single or Multi-Courts

  • Combination Courts

  • DIY and Professional Installation Services

Residential Pickleball Courts
Pickleball Courts

Residential Courts are a great place for Pickleball Court option. Standard 30'x60' court size or easily fits in custom court sizes down to 28'x45' size. 


  • Laykold Masters Premium Flexible Acrylic Color Coating Systems

  • Laykold Masters Cushioned Acrylic Hard Courts

  • Nova ProXtreme and ProbOunce and Synthetic Grass Courts

  • Professional Court Building and Resurfacing Services

  • MTJ SPORTS® is a proud member of American Sports Builders Association.

All-Weather Pickleball Courts
Municipal Pickleball Courts 

We offer Picklball surfaces and installation services for every Parks & Recreation Municipal and Public facility - Indoor and Outdoor.

  • Professional design and build

  • Outdoor Sports Lighting for every Pickleball court system

  • MTJ SPORTS® works with architects and engineering firms on design and specifiaction of Pickleball Courts.

  • Proud Staff Members of USA Pickleball Association

Combination Tennis Pickleball Courts
Combination Tennis and Pickleball Courts

Combination Tennis and Pickleball Courts have become a very popular trend in the the sports industry.  We offer any type of combinaton systems.


  • Single Courts

  • Double Courts

  • Quad Courts

Conversion Tennis to Pickleball Courts
Conversion from Tennis to Pickleball Courts 

We offer Full Conversion Court Systems from Tennis to Picklball Courts. Pickleball is currently the fastest growing raqcuet sport in America. Proud Staff members of USA Pickleball Association.


  • Portable Pickleball Net Systems

  • Permanent Pickleball Net Systems

  • Professional Court Construction and Resurfacing Services

Contact Us for all your needs in converting Tennis to Pickleball Courts and Combination Court Systems with Tennis and Pickleball Courts in Single, Dual and Quad Courts.  Permamanet and Portable Net Systems

Design your court colors here:

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