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MTJ SPORTS® and MTJ TENNIS™ offers premium Tennis Court Surface Systems including the Laykold Masters Series and NGI Sports Surfaces; a line of Superior Tennis Surface Systems, with 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty. We cover full crack elimination for outdoor and indoor courts, commercial tennis courts for high schools and colleges, club levels, parks & recreation and hotel & resorts, along with residential home owner association tennis courts and home backyard courts.


Along with our lineup of premium tennis surfaces, we also provide our customers with comprehensive consulting on How to Keep Your Tennis Court(s) in best playable condition with maximum court life and lower maintenance requirements. Learn the truth about tennis court technology in asphalt tennis court repair and rehab. Learn about concrete base and crushed stone base options and what to expect in performance over time.  


As a proud member of American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), we ensure tennis court owners and facility managers are ensured their highest Return On Investment. We highly recommend using a thourough evauation process for tennis court construction, repair, renovation, or reconstruction. Learn more on Life of Outdoor Tennis Court. 


We offer Tennis Court Surfaces of superior design and quality and designed for longer lasting surface results.  We provide a Tennis Surface for every customer budget and need from Private, Public and Municipal Courts - Commercial and Residential, Recreational and Tournament Courts up to world class professional levels. Our team of tennis court consultants will help your choose the right tennis court repair, rehab, upgrade and new tennis court construction. Enjoy learning more below.


Our Tennis Court Surface Systems:

  • Laykold Premium Acrylic Tennis Surfaces - New or Resurface over Asphalt or Concrete - ITF 3, 4 and 5.

    • AdvantageColorCoatColorFlexCushion Plus

  • Laykold Masters® Tennis Court Surfaces - Laykold Masters Color, LM 5, LM 8, LM Float, LM 8 Indoor, LM Rome & LM Montreal New or Resurface over Asphalt or Concrete - ITF 3, 4 and 5.

    • Laykold Masters Color

    • Laykold Masters 5 All Weather

    • Laykold Master 8 All Weather

    • Laykold Masters 8 Float All Weather

    • Laykold Masters 8 Indoor

    • Laykold Master Rome

    • Laykold Master Montreal

    • Laykold Masters Gel (NEW)

    • Select your colors from Laykold link

  • Laykold OmniCourt® Premium Synthetic Grass Court Systems - OmniCourt® Classic & OmniCourt® Top 10 - New or Resurface over Asphalt or Concrete - ITF 4 and 5

  • Nova ProXtreme™ Semi-Cushioned Overlay Court Systems - New or Resurface over Asphalt or Concrete - ITF 4 and 5 (Manufacturers Crack Shield Guarantee).


  • Nova ProBounce™ Cushioned Overlay Court Systems - New or Resurface over Asphalt or Concrete - ITF 3, 4 and 5 (Mfg Crack Shield Guarantee).


  • Nova ProCourt XP All-Weather Grass Court System - New or Resurface over Asphalt or Concrete - Create the 'Wimbledon Court Look' - ITF 3, 4 and 5 (Manufacturers Crack Shield Guarantee).


  • Nova Aussie Clay & ProClay™ All-Weather Synthetic Clay Court System - New or Resurfacing over Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Rock Hard Courts Existing Clay Courts - ITF 3, 4 and 5


  • TitanTrax Shield™ Overlay Membrane Surface - New and Resurface over Asphalt and Concrete Courts - (Mfg Crack Shield Guarantee).



Tennis Court Equipment:




  • Tennis Nets, Posts and Equipment    Learn more click logo link:


  • Windscreens, Backdrops, Court Divider Netting     Learn more click logo link:


  • ARMOR Tennis Court CRACK REPAIR SYSTEM      Learn more click logo link:



MTJ SPORTS® will help you choose a tennis court surface system to meet your maximum surface life extension.  


Contact Us Today at 800-789-1819 for your Tennis Court Surface Needs.  

MTJ Sports Armor Crack Repair
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Edwards Tennis Equipment
Edwards Tennis Equipment
APT Laykold Premium Tennis Surfaces
Georgia Tennis Court Resurfacing
Premium Acrylic Tennis Court Surfaces
Illinois Cushioned Tennis Court Resurfacing
All-Weather Tennis Court Surfaces

Superior acrylic coating systems with options of cushioned system with the highest quality raw materials formulated for use over asphalt and concrete and existing acrylic courts and superior 5-Year Color Warranties


  • Laykold Masters Premium Color Coating System

  • Rich, Long Lasting, UV Resistant Colors.

  • 12 Standard Colors

  • NEW 12 Vivid Colors plus Custom Colors

  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranties

All-Weather Crackproof and Waterproof Tennis Surface systems that successfully keeps existing cracks from re-appearing.


  • Laykold Masters 5 & 8 and Float Cushioned Courts 

  • ProXtreme™ 4mm Membrane Surface with Flexible Acrylic Coating

  • ProBounce™12mm Membrane Surfaces with Flexible Acrylic Coating

  • Retains superior playability for 20+ years.

  • Available in 12 Standard Colors and Custom Colors

  • 5 Year Factory Warranties

Midwest Titan Trax Shield Overlay Tennis Court Surfaces
TitanTrax Shield Econo Membrane Surface

Total Tennis Court Crack Elimination with Certified Installations for our TitanTrax Shield Economy All-Weather Surface System:


  • Complete Tennis Court Rejuvination

  • Laykold ColorFlex Flexible Color System

  • Factory Guaranteed Crack EliminationSurface

  • Complete Water Seal

  • 12 Standard Colors

  • 5 Year Factory Warranties

  • Laykold Color Selector below logo

Chicago Illinois Artificial Grass Tennis Courts
Synthetic Clay & Grass Courts

Our Synthtic Grass Tennis Courts combine the advantages of all-weather, clay and natural grass tennis surfaces to provide an ideal cushioned tennis court.


  • OmniCourt® Premium Synthetic Grass Courts

  • Nova ProCourtXP Grass Courts

  • AussieClay and ProClay Courts

  • Install on minima slope requirements down to 0.25%

  • True grass shot response, speed bounce spin and slice.

  • Optional Medium to Fast speed play

  • Create the 'Wimbeldon Court Look'

  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

  • Highly visible permanent 'SportLine System'

  • 'Dual Cushioned' Court from Eco-friendly Urethane Backing

  • 'Green' product construction for LEED credits 

  • Colors: Green and Terracotta (Custom colors available)

  • Up to 10 Year Factory Warranties

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ClearSpan Buildings for your Indoor Tennis needs
Jonas Bjorkman

“MTJ Sports has everything you need in every tennis court surfaces of highest quality manufactured products along with installation and resurfacing services for every tennis court project - outdoor and indoor, commercial and residential.


If you need a professional tennis court job done, MTJ Sports is your full 'go to' resource.

Jonas Bjorkman

2002, 2003, 2004 Wimbledon Doubles Champion

2003 US Open Doubles Champion

Davis Cup Captain

Member of 

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