MTJ SPORTS® provides a full portfolio of performance sports surfaces and equipment for Indoor and Outdoor, Commercial and Residential. Our customers range from Soccer Centers, Schools, Park Districts, Tennis and Sports Clubs, Fitness Centers, Professional Sports Clubs, Hotel & Resorts, Churches, Country Clubs, Volleyball Clubs, YMCA's to Residential Homes, Home Owner Associations and more...  
All our products are supplied through leading brand name manufacturing partners, supported by certified installation services and backed by the highest industry warranty standards.
5-A-Side Indoor Soccer Center
5-A-Side Indoor Soccer Centers


MTJ SPORTS® designs, supplies and installs 5-A-Side Soccer Systems - Indoor and Outdoor.  Our partnerships with WSB SPORT will provide every soccer facility owner, manager and players with the finest 5-A-Side Soccer Systems at its innovative best. 3-4 times higher revenue than traditional indoor soccer systems.


  • Full 5-A-Side Indoor & Outdoor Soccer Systems

  • Innovative Dasher Boards, Netting Systems, Goals and Scoreboards

  • Premium Synthetic Turf Options - FIFA Approved 

  • Facility Search, Design, Marketing and Management Development Consulting 

ProBounce Tennis Surface
Premium Tennis Court Surfaces


Our New Generation Tennis Court Surfaces is a winning combination to meet the highest standards of Tennis Court Resurfacing with Exclusive 5-Year Manufacturers Warranties for Tennis Clubs, HOA's, Hotel & Resorts, Park Districts, Schools, Sports Facilities and Residential Courts.  


  • Premium Acrylic Tennis Court Surfaces

  • All-Weather Court Surfaces

  • Laykold Master Exclusive 5 Year Warranty Surfaces

  • Synthetic Grass Courts

  • Synthetic Clay Courts

MTJ Sports - USPA Pickleball.jpg
Pickleball Courts


We build new pickle ball courts and transform existing tennis courts to both combo-courts and exclusive pickle ball courts using premium acrylic court surfaces with 5 year manufacturers warranty.


  • Single and Multi-Court designs

  • Premium Laykold Masters acrylic surface materials

  • Sponsor Logos and Windscreens

  • Outdoor Lighting Options

  • Member USPTA

Outdoor Soccer Mini-Pitches
Outdoor Futsal / Soccer Mini-Pitches


We offer a complete transformation of old outdoor basketball courts and tennis courts to brand new outdoor soccer mini-pitches using premium acrylic court surfaces with 5 year manufacturers warranty.


  • Single and Multi-Pitch designs

  • Premium Laykold Masters acrylic surface materials

  • SnapSports Outdoor Futsal and Soccer Surfaces

  • Sponsor Logos and Windscreens

  • US Soccer Foundation Sponsor Programs

5-A-Side Outdoor Soccer
Outdoor Soccer Fields and Mini-Pitches


MTJ SPORTS® offers full design and build services for outdoor Soccer Fields and Mini-Pitches with several FIFA star synthetic turf options including portable turf.


  • WSB SPORT 5-A-Side Outdoor Soccer Field Design and Installation 

  • Outdoor Multi-Sports Fields - Soccer / Field Hockey / Lacrosse 

  • Mini-Pitch and Street Soccer - WSB SPORT Portable Systems

  • Certified FIFA Turf Systems

  • Nexxfield X-Gen E2 Portable Turf


Nexxfield Portable Synthetic Turf
NexXfield X-Gen Modular Sports Turf 


Certfied Distributor or NexXfield® Synthetic Sports Turf - The Next Generation Patented Modular Turf System - Guaranteed 500 Cycles, Best Design, Durability and ROI in the past 15 years.


  • X-Gen Non-Infilled Real Grass Like Turf System

  • Patented NexxPad® Design with Low G-Max Rating

  • Soccer, Football, Baseball / Softball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse & Multi-Sports

  • Fitness CrossFit and Speed Training System

  • Certified NexXfield Turf Installation 


Hornets Outdoor Basketball Court
Outdoor Game Courts 


MTJ SPORTS® offers design and build of Commercial and Residential Outdoor Game Courts of every size and sport. We offer both Custom Design and DIY Courts with full line of Court Accessories including Goals, Fence, Lights and Multi-Sports Net Systems with Multiple Surface options for every need:


  • Basketball Courts

  • Pickleball Courts 

  • Multi-Game Courts and Volleyball Courts                           

  • Paddle Tennis

  • Hockey Rinks

  • Futsal and Soccer Mini-Pitches

Illinois Indoor Sports Flooring Iowa Gym Flooring Wisconsin Sport Flooring
Indoor Sports Flooring


The Next Generation Indoor Sports Flooring Systems for every type use from Commercial School Gyms, Parks & Rec Facilities to Private Sports Complex and Residential Home Courts & Gyms:


  • SnapSports Sports Tile

  • Rolled Vinyl Flooring

  • Pad & Pour Urethane Flooring

  • Rubber Flooring

  • Turf Conversion Systems

Fitness Flooring Systems
Fitness Flooring


MTJ SPORTS® is all about Fitness and offers a full line of Fitness Flooring Systems for every type use from Aerobics, CrossFit, Dance Studios, Locker Rooms, Pool Areas, Rehab/Speed Training and Weight Rooms:


  • Rubber Flooring

  • Hardwood Flooring

  • Rolled Vinyl Flooring

  • Seamless Pad & Pour Urethane Flooring

  • Indoor Synthetic Sports Turf - Permanent and Portable

Illinois Gymnasium Equipment Iowa Gym Basketball Goals
Gymnasium Equipment


MTJ SPORTS® stands for highest quality Gymnasium Equipment for recreational and scholastic use. We offer premium gym equipment and installation services from Gared Sports and other leading mfg of:


  • Basketball Equipment - Ceiling Mount Goals * Wall Mount Goals * Portable Goals

  • Volleyball Systems

  • Divider Curtains and Nets

  • Bleachers and Seating

  • Wall Padding

Indoor & Outdoor Scoreboards
Scoreboards - Indoor and Outdoor


We offer a complete line of Indoor and Outdoor Scoreboards and Accessories for every sports:


  • Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling

  • Baseball / Softball

  • Football

  • Track & Field

  • Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer

  • Tennis

In-Ground Adjustable Hoops, Playground Basketball Goals
Outdoor Basketball Goals - Residential and Playground


MTJ SPORTS® is your source for a full line of factory direct Basketball Goal Systems for Commercial and Residential applications and with both competition and recreational use in mind:


  • Residential In-Ground Basketball Goals - Adjustable Height and Fixed Height 

  • Playground Basketball Goal Packages

  • Portable 3-ON-3 and Recreational Basketball Goal Systems

  • Roof Mount Basketball Goal Systems

  • Wall Mount Basketball Goal Systems

  • Goalsetter, Gared ProJam, First Team

Outdoor Court Lighting, Tennis Court Lighting
Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting


Full line of Outdoor Court Lighting Systems for Residential & Commercial Courts, Parks & Recreation, Schools, Sports Facilities and Sports Fields:


  • Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Backyard Multi-Game Court, Hockey Rinks, Volleyball Courts

  • Premium Metal Halide Lighting Systems 

  • High Lumen LED Lighting Systems

  • North American Manufacturering Partners in Center Court Lighting and Techlight USA

  • Certified Installation Services


Illinois Indoor Sports Lighting, Iowa Racquetball Lighting, Wisconsin Indoor Tennis Court Lighting
Indoor Tennis Court & Gym Lighting


MTJ SPORTS® offers highest innovation of Indoor Tennis Court, Racqetball Court and Gymnasium Sports Lighting:


  • Indoor Gymnasiums and Racquetball Court Lighting.

  • Direct Tennis Court ighting Systems 

  • Indirect Tennis Court Lighting

  • Recreational Court Lighting Systems 

  • LED Lighting Systems

  • Installation Services


Indoor Running Tracks
Indoor Running Tracks 


MTJ SPORTS® offer advanced Indoor Athletic Track Surface Systems are designed to provide runners with the highest levels of surface performance and cushioned for safe training. All our running track products can facilitate valuable credits under U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and LEED rating system.


  • Latexand Vinyl Bound

  • Pad & Pour Rubber Bound

  • PolyUrethane Bound

  • Certfied Installation Services

Sand Volleyball Courts Construction
Sand Volleyball Courts


Leader in construction and upgrade of Outdoor Sand Volleyball Courts. Our professional design team plays the sport and therefore understand the needs for every level of customer to ensure a successful project: 


  • Commercial Parks & Rec and Schools

  • Volleyball Clubs and Recreational Facilites

  • Residential and HOA Courts

  • Leauges and Recreation

  • Pro Beach Volleyball Competition

  • Full Design and Installation Services


Synthetic Golf Greens
Synthetic Golf Greens


MTJ SPORTS® and MTJ GOLF™ offers custom design and build of Residential and Commercial Synthetic Golf Greens. Our professional design and sales teams consist former collegiate and professional golf players understanding the needs for level of customer to ensure success for every project: 


  • Putting Greens - Commercial and Recreational

  • Signature Golf Holes

  • Custom Chipping Areas, Sand Traps and Water Hazards

  • Par-3 Golf Courses

  • Indoor Golf Centers

  • Full Design and Installation Services


Artificial Lawn Grass Synthetic Pet Grass
Artficial Lawn Grass 


MTJ SPORTS® and MTJ LAWN™ offers a full portfolio of Premium Synthetic Lawn Grass products. Imagine No Mowing, No Lawn Maintence and No Watering.  Pet freindly. Green and lush all the time.  LEED credits for water consumption reduction.


  • Bentgrass and Bermudagrass

  • Kentucky Bluegrass and Rough Bluegrass

  • Fescuegrass

  • Ryegrass

Outdoor Sports Field Drainage Systems
Hydraway Turf Drainage Systems


MTJ SPORTS® - MTJ GOLF™ and MTJ SPORTS FIELDS™ is a certfied Dealer for HYDRAWAY™ - the greatest innovation in water drainage solutions for natural and synthetic sports fields and golf courses. Patented engineered design for up to 5 times higher flow rates for rapid dewatering. Used on 100's athletic fields and golf courses around the world toady.


  • Synthetic Sports Fields 

  • Natural Turf Fields

  • Golf Courses and Driving Ranges

  • Residential and Commercial Lawn and Landscape